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    Default Little Help with simple java funsction...

    hy everyone..

    I'm total beginner with Java and hardly know how to open and start new document in Eclipse java platform. I need to complete this simple program that probably is just one line of code, and 2 minutes for someone experienced to write, but impossible for me as beginner. I have to write this program in java:

    1. "Game of Guessing"
    - Application memorizes one character string /sentance?/. Client can ask if this string is equal to given string. Application must obey these rules: set the character string, check if the string is equal to the given string.

    can somene mail me at or describe here how to make this little program? or write the code, or instruct how to open and see this?

    I would appreciate this very much from you guys. I need this part to get my university lab completed (which usally doesn't need java)

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    Java isn't usually included in my student work - the seminar is about telematic systems. But part of one lab excercise is to wirte some programs, and inside one fo the programs, I can't
    solve it without this clip from Java. (java isn't part of this semester, and we haven't started learning it yet - so I'm mad they required Java from us here, when we haven't already started
    to learn it this yeas :(

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    Your best bet is to forget Eclipse and instead type your code in an editor (notepad++ is nice for this) and just compile it on the command line. The Sun intro tutorials will tell you exactly how to do this. If you haven't gone through them yet, please do so as they will get you up and running in Java faster than any of us. you can find them here: Lesson: The "Hello World!" Application (The Java™ Tutorials > Getting Started)

    Oh, and about emailing you the code, I don't think that many or any here will do this, and in my view it kind of goes against the philosophy of this forum: to share problems and their solutions.

    Regardless, best of luck.

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