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    Default Transient & Volatile

    Any1 plz explain the difference between Transient & volatile in java with sample coding

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    Java Code:
    * Note that the volatile and final keywords are not used on the same variable.
    * volatile and transient keywords are used on a variable, together as though
    * something could be transient and volatile, which they can. The word volatile
    * origninally came from work where a device may change a variable, independent
    * of the code. transient says to the compiler, do not save this in serialization.
    public class TransientDemo
        private static transient final Long startTime = new Long(currentTimeMillis());
        public static volatile transient long anotherTimeMillis;
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    Transient means that when an object is serialised this variable will not be serialised with it.

    Volatile means that, in threaded programs, the "base" version of the variable will be checked before every access to the thread local version. It is just one more way of ensuring consistent values between threads (but should not be used alone, it is not a replacement for syncronization).

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