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    Default New Database Approach Advice

    I am a newbie at both Java and Linux and I am not sure which road to take. I have removed everything from my computer, that was connected to or related to Microsoft and I am now running Ubuntu 8.04 (Linux) as my operating system. I believe that I have finally got NetBeans 6 and Java 6 installed correctly and am ready to start experimenting.

    Years ago I wrote a medical journal program (for a friend) using C++ and then I retired and programming fell by the wayside. I want to get back into programming again and have decided on Java, because it can be used on different platforms. With old age comes health issues and I am now at a point that I could use a program that would keep track of my medical history.

    I guess what I need to know is what would be the best approach to accomplish something like this. Keep in mind that I am a "NEWBIE" and I want to travel the easier road!!!!

    Would it be easier to write a self contained database program, that could be run on my computer (without connecting to a server).


    Would it be easier to write a database program that would use a connection to one of the Java DB servers.

    Several members of my family have expressed an interest in this and I am thinking a standalone approach would be best.

    Thanks for any feedback

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    There are several database systems out there that can be used in conjunction with Java. All you need to learn is how to connect to the database, and the querying language (and I suppose database design if you don't know that yet).

    I have most of my experience with MySQL, using JDBC drivers to connect to the database. I know Eranga will strongly recommend Oracle, though I don't know much about it.

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    I use on Linux As MySQL as Oracle,and i should confess that Oracle has more user friendly manager for database management.I will also recommend Oracle ,try the free version apex.
    There is also HSQLDB database management build on JDBC driver.But it is intended for the small databases.

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