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Thread: Static variable

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    Default Static variable

    I have 2 problems, first one is code from my class "Square":
    Java Code:
    private static Square mChosenSquare;
    public boolean isMarked()
            boolean returnValue = false;
            if(mChosenSquare != null)
                if((mChosenSquare.getCol() == this.getCol()) && (mChosenSquare.getRow() == this.getRow()))
                    returnValue = true;
            return returnValue;
    When i try to run the project i get:

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at ravspelet.Square.isMarked(


    My second question is on this code:

    Java Code:
        private class PlayingField extends JPanel
            private Graphics g;  
            public PlayingField(MouseListener listener)
            public void paintSquare(int x,int y, Color color)
                // -1 för att få en markering mellan rutorna
                g.drawRect(x*SQUARE_SIZE, y*SQUARE_SIZE, SQUARE_SIZE-1, SQUARE_SIZE-1);
            public void paintPiece(int x,int y, Image image)
                g.drawImage(image, x*SQUARE_SIZE, y*SQUARE_SIZE, SQUARE_SIZE-1, SQUARE_SIZE-1, null);
            public void paintComponent(Graphics g)
    I havent tested it yet because i still need to complete other parts of the program but i have a strong feeling the last part wont work (the paintComponent method)

    Any help is very much appreciated...

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    Do visit the Sun graphics tutorial as you are doing your painting wrong. You need to do your painting in the paintComponent method, not outside of it. the tutorial will show you how.

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