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    Default How to remove 2 last lines in a text file?

    Can anyone give me a code to remove 2 last lines from a text file?
    I'm very new to java, and can almost only make a HelloWorld application.

    My text file looks like this:

    Java Code:
    this is line 1
    and this is the 2nd
    here comes nr 3
    and the 4th is jumping
    up and down like nr 5
    but the 6th is dead
    How can I delete the 2 last lines there?


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    Default just like it was stated in the other forum...

    No can do.
    • Do not post the same question on different forums or sections of forum. It pisses people off.
    • Show some effort. The forum will try to help you if you post your code and have specific questions/doubts.

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