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    Default replacing characters???

    I'm supposed to write a program that replaces all vowels in a word with * but i can't get it right! the most i can do is replace one vowel with teh code:

    Java Code:
    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class constanita {
    	public static void main (String[]args){
    		Scanner kbd = new Scanner(;
    		System.out.println("enter a word");
    		String x =;;
    		String noVowels = x.replace("a", "*"); 
    and whenever i try something like

    String noVowels = x.replace("a", "*"),replace("e", "*");

    etc etc

    it tells me error

    can anyone help?
    thanks in advance

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    Using replaceFirst(String) and replaceAll(String)

    That gets into regex's which will be complicated for you, but will be needful to do it.

    Probably Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("aeiou");
    Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(input string);
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    Default loopty loop...

    Yeah... the following will produce a nastgram:
    Java Code:
    String noVowels = x.replace("a", "*"),replace("e", "*");
    You can't concatenate methods (although it's an interesting idea :-)...
    I would attack it with two nested for loops ... the first for will loop through the string and the second will loop through the string or array of vowels.

    I agree with Nicholas, regex would be a more solid approach but from the display of interesting arrangement of methods, I'm assuming that getting the nested for loops together will be a challenge.

    Chris S.
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