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    Default Trying to make a return....

    This is the code

    Java Code:
    class Circle {
    	private double radius;
    		public sirkel(double startRadius) {
    		radius = startRadius;
    		public double finnAreal() {
    		return Math.PI * radius * radius;
    		public double findcircuit() {
    		double omkrets = 2.0 * Math.PI * radius;
    		return omkrets;
    		class test{
    		public static void main (String [] args){
    			double finncircuit (2);
    This is the error message:

    D:\Java\Java for alle\ invalid method declaration; return type required
    public sirkel(double startRadius) {
    D:\Java\Java for alle\ ';' expected
    double finncircuit (2);
    2 errors

    Tool completed with exit code 1

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    Default misspell

    Many things wrong...
    • You're calling method "finncircuit" and the name of the method is "findcircuirt"
    • You're trying to call a method (findcircuit) that's in another class (Circle). You need to instantiate the Circle class to be able to call the findcircuit method
    • You're not assigning the return value from the call to the findcircuit to a double type variable.
    • You haven't defined the findcircuit method receiving any arguments
    • If you want the radius variable to have a value (and not send it as an argument), you have to have a constructor that sets it.

    Chris S.
    Difficult? This is Mission Impossible, not Mission Difficult. Difficult should be easy.

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