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    Default Java Decompiling Help

    Hey I am new here and I looked around the forum but did not find anything that solved my problem.

    This is what I did :

    My friend made a game in java and I decompiled it to change some edit some stuff. When I decompiled it there was more then 1 file and I edited the ones I wanted. Then when I saved it the Game client was still _fat.jar but it was a folder now.

    My Problem :

    I don't know how to make it run. I tried eclipse to compile it because someone told me to give it a try. Eclipse did not really do anything from what I am aware of. If anybody knows what I can do to make the game client a .jar file so I can run it I would really appreciate it.


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    You want to know how to build the jar file in Eclipse?

    I'm not a Eclipse user, so I cannot exactly give the answer. But there should be an option to build the project, and it should make the jar file somewhere in the project folder.

    You can build the jar file on command prompt as well. Read the following tutorial.

    Java deployments

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