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    Lightbulb returning arrays

    Is it ok to return an array from a method, is it possible. I am currently trying to return this array with updates. When the number are returned it gives me the same numbers inputted. BTW, the method is suppose to multiply that amount in rtarray[i] and send it back to the main method.


    Java Code:
    import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
    public class testPage {
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    		int[] numbers ={5,5,3,5,20};
    		int[] numbers2 = new int[5];
    		numbers2 = returnarray(numbers); 
    		for(int i = 1; i<5; i++)
    		JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,"this is array test" + numbers2[i]);
    	public static int[] returnarray(int[] rtarray)
    		int i=1;
    		final int otPayAM = 12;	
    		for(i=1; i>7; i++)
    		return rtarray;
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    What's your problem? Post an error message, if there is one, and clearly state your problem.
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    Default Logic problems...

    Your problem is that the logic in the for loop in the returnarray method is worng (very wrong)...

    Java Code:
    for(i=1; i>7; i++)
    This for loop is never executed because i is never greater than 7. According to me, this logic should be the same as the for loop you have in ain method.

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    Yes it's possible and, yes, it's ok to do. Returning arrays have plenty of different uses.

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    Actually, once you fix the other stuff, you will not need to return the array as you are doing it. An array in Java has full Object status, thus it amounts to what is called a reference in computer science.

    We have a consistent pattern in Java of being told to not modifiy something, and copy-semantics, all of which leads to endless discussions and blank stares from students.

    To get a mutable integer in Java, all that one need do is:
    Java Code:
    int [] integer = new int[1];
    integer = 1;
    and whamby-damby you can do something with an integer.

    This is discussed in all the Certification Study Guides so it is not overly hard to find.

    As you have it here, ops in returnarray can operate directly on the values in the array that was passed in and it will show up in the place it was called from.
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