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    Default Rediculous problem?! Assigning a fraction to a double variable

    Tzo here,

    I'm having trouble with a rediculous problem; an extrodinarily simple assignment and or creation statement.

    Basically i can't get my type double variable to equal a simple fraction like 1/6,
    however rediculous that may sound even worse so is the fact that there's a working double using more complex variables just above it in the code.

    I've tried just about every work round i could think of to make this go but i'm still getting the same stupid results.

    Java Code:
    double temp = 0;
    for (int i = 0; i < intDrawn; i++)
        temp += 1/(Double.valueOf(Integer.toString(intBalls))-i);
    }//end for loop
    dblWin = 1-temp/intDrawn;
    double temp2 = 1/6;		//1/dblWin;
    System.out.println("temp2 " + temp2);
    dblLose = Math.pow(temp2, (1/6));
    This outputs:

    temp2 0.0

    As u can see in the for loop i had already had some trouble with the double variable befor however i found a work around that worked.

    Any insight into the problem and or solution would be appreciated.

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    i think that 1 and 6 are by default integers. stick in '.0' to fix that. i honestly don't know the "correct" way to do this, but if there is a proper method to do this, i'm sure someone will say.

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    You're running into the int division wall. Please note that an int/int equals an int and that this is rounded down, just as if you were casting. So 1/6 is 0. To get around this cast one of these numbers as a double:
    Java Code:
    double temp2 = (double)1/6;

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    Thanks for the help i'll give these a shot although i did try some form of casting the numbers to double.

    The int division wall you mentioned makes alot of sence in that context now actually after i think about it :)

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