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Thread: Help with javaC

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    Default Help with javaC

    I downloaded JDK 6 but where is the Java Compiler?
    How do I find and open it?
    It's not in my Start Menu or anything.
    Can someone please help me out here?


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    That all depends on where you decided to place your jdk.

    The default I believe is C:\Program Files\Java\jdk_name_here

    There are several tutorials online for this. One way of doing it is as such:

    Right click on my computer
    Go to properties
    Click on the Advanced Tab
    Click on Environment Variables

    Under System Variables there should be something there that says Path
    Select it and hit the edit button in this path.
    You then want to put the path of the jdk bin folder in your path as such:
    Java Code:
    C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_05\bin;
    Make sure you have the semicolons just like the other path variables. Hit okay, save it, then open up a new command prompt window and you should be able to use javac from the command line.


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    javac is the simple java compiler. It is a simple binary (executable) that you can use to compile a java program.

    Java Code:
    Other then that you can try an IDE, such as Eclipse or Netbeans, but for simple compilation I would just stick to javac.


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