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    Default Use different comparator for SortedSet

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to java so simple replies would be appreciated!

    I've written a Rational class for storing numbers as exact fractions rather than decimal in their lowest terms, and I'm trying to create a sorted set of them using java.util.SortedSet, but I can't figure out how to declare the comparator so that java lets me create a sorted set of objects with no automatically defined ordering.

    I've spent a while searching but can't find any useful resources that I understand on it, abbreviated code:
    Java Code:
    public class Main {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            SortedSet<Rational> s = new TreeSet<Rational>();
            //add elements, ..., output*
    public class Rational {
        long numerator, denominator;
        public Rational (long num, long denom) {
            long n = HCF(num, denom);
            numerator = num / n;
            denominator = denom / n;
        public boolean bigger(Rational a, Rational b) {
            double x, y;
            x = a.toDouble(); y = a.toDouble();
            return (x > y);
        public double toDouble() {
            double x = (double) ( this.numerator ) / (double) ( this.denominator );
            return x;
        public static long HCF(long m, long n) {
            if (m == 0) return n;
            if (n == 0) return m;
            return HCF(n,m%n);
    public class RationalComparator implements Comparator {
        public int compare(Object rat1, Object rat2){
        Rational x = (Rational) (rat1);
        Rational y = (Rational) (rat2);
        if( x.bigger(y) )
            return 1;
        else if( y.bigger(x) )
            return -1;
            return 0;
    Any advice on how to do this without sending to an array and sorting that would be much appreciated

    edit: dw, got it figured, thanks anyway!
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