Hi friends, I have a search form, which has many search fields like First Name, Last Name, Job title, Company, Exp etc etc. Users can enter any of the search field & click search.

Now from the request object I am able to retrieve all the values using the code below.
<% Enumeration E= request.getParameterNames();
while (E.hasMoreElements()){
String Name = (String) E.nextElement();
String [] Value = request.getParameterValues(Name);
for (int i=0; i< Value.length ;i++) {

But what I want is ..for example users enter any 3 fields on the form & clicks search..I want to the values of only these 3 fields..as I need to pass them to a report. I want to show the 3 values something like below
<c:out value="${Value[1]}"/>