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    Default Compiles in Netbeans, error in textpad

    I am in a beginner Java class. I have had points deducted from every lab because my professor says my programs, which I wrote using NetBeans 6.1, give him error messages when he compiles them. I tried saving textpad files with the .java extension, but I get error messages saying 'file not found' when I try to compile them through the command prompt.

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    Default Let's see ...

    • What is the exact name of the java file?
    • What is the exact compile command that you are running from the command prompt?
    • What is the exact error you are seeing?

    Chris S.
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    Copy-paste the complete error message here to see. Without doing any modification on the NetBeans file try to compile it as it is on the command prompt. You can find the source file on the src folder in your project folder.

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