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    Default Applets painting outside borders in web browsers

    Hello all, I have been experimenting with applets and have come across a problem. While the applet is repainting itself it will paint out side its borders when i am scrolling up and down in the page. It could be described as a smear effect and is happening in IE and firefox. having googled it i have come across a similar problem a few years ago with no resolution. any hepl would be much appreciated. Thanks


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    I think I remember this a while back. Lets say you have an applet of size 500X500 running on a background of 1000X1000. That obviously isn't the entire screen but your saying when you scroll the browser the applet remains in place and the paintings inside come off into the 1000x1000 section? Or is the applet moving also and just leaving a trail behind it.

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    thanks for the reply. The applet moves with the rest of the page whilst scrolling. The way my applet is running is that after 10 seconds it takes the double buffered image and wipes it clean with a g.fillRect(...) method, and only at this point it will 'smear' as in if i scroll down within this fraction of a second it will extend the applet over an image that resides above it by up to 100px (the applet is 400x400). In IE it seems to happen at any point whilst scrolling (the applet is being repainted 20 times a second) but usually on 5px top or bottom is smeared, but sometimes more.



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