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    Default Maze reader

    So I have to create an application that reads a maze from a txt file, that is given to you by the user. The requirements are

    # Ask the user for the name of a file that contains the maze description.
    # Read the maze description from the file.
    # Compute the shortest path (any shortest path) through the maze.
    Then you have to dislpay certain info to the user.

    The row and column number of the start poin in the maze
    * The row and column number of the end point in the maze.
    * The number of steps in the shortest path in the maze.
    * The exact steps required to move from the start point to the end point (along a shortest path)

    the text files contain something that look like this like this
    the first two numbers containing the number of columns and number of rows
    the 0 are the cells that can't be moved through and S means the start
    - means the empty cell which you can move through and E means the end of maze

    2 4

    not really sure where to start so any help would be awesome!!!

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    i imagine this is a uni assignment. Just break it down and do it one step at a time. Look up how to parse a txt file, read it into your program into some apropraite form of representation, and then employ some sort of search algorithm, like A(*) for example, then present your findings to the user!:D

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