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    Default Java program help

    I have checked some tutorials around the web and i need some help on how to do some things not in any of the tutorials that i found.

    #1: how to store mouse x and y values into variables.
    #2: how to tell what button on the mouse is being pressed.
    #3: how to check for #2 every second.(what i mean by this is that when i tried using delay but it doesnt know im clicking on mouse buttons if im doing so during delay time.)
    #4: same as #2 and #3 but for keyboard.

    I am currently trying to make a program that records mouse/keyboard actions, I just need to know how to do these things, also, if there is any additional info that might be needed for these

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    You seriously can't find this online when you search? I came across this on every link dealing with a mouseListener.

    1-3 can all be done by adding a mouseListener. Look up MouseAdapter and MouseEvent.
    1: Getting x and y is as easy as event.x,event.y
    2: event.button gets assigned a value(1-n)where n is the number of buttons on your mouse
    3: this is done automatically when you attach the listener to your object.

    4: Havn't tried anything with keyboard but it's probably really similar just with KeyboardListener or something

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