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    Unhappy How to get objects to interact without inheritence in separate classes?

    I have 3 classes inheriting from each other. so class SpecialAccount inherits from Account and class GoldAccount ingerits from SpecialAccount. I have produced a new class Customers that needs to use the exisiting 'accounts' objects and their values but cannot find any material on how to do this without inheritence.:mad: All classes are public - so it should be possible.

    So I would need to do something like cast the objects to a new reference?
    or get and set the objects?
    Im lost :confused:
    Thank you

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    no you can access them from your customers class by doing Package.Class.Method

    So say you had an array of customers within your GoldAccount class and you needed to check if a customer was in that array. It would be something along the lines of

    Customers[] customers = GoldAccount.getCustomers();
    getCustomers() has to be a static method within GoldAccount(a public or protected class if their in the same package)

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