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    Default a little help needed..

    im doing this assignment n i have problem understanding the grading criteria.
    1)provide constructor for each classes with uses of polymorphism concept.
    2)apply method overriding concepts.
    3)interactive menu driven program.

    my problems are
    1)i did some searching n reading. but i still dont really get how polymorphism is suppose to be like. can someone give me an explanation?maybe a code snippet?
    2)overriding concept does it mean like having 2 same named displayInfo method in both parent n child class? and need to use both of them?
    3)interactive menu is it something like have a showInputDialog asking 1 for this 2 for that 3 for exitting?

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    1. Polymorphism has no set definition, but I think the main things are method overloading and inheritance.

    2. Not exactly. Overriding is when the two method signatures, not just names, are the same. That means they have the same return type and same parameter types in the same order.

    3. That's up to you.

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