I am very new to java and I am trying to create an rss feed on a live website. Using netbeans, I have created a source package called RSSParserTest.java that a jsp uses called redesignrss.jsp. This jsp works perfectly in netbeans, it opens a browser window and shows up the 5 most recent feeds from the CNN rss feed.
I want to now want this rss program to work on one of my websites. Iím really lot about how to go about this. Any help would be appreciated.


package rss;

import com.sun.cnpi.rss.elements.Category;
import com.sun.cnpi.rss.elements.Item;
import com.sun.cnpi.rss.elements.Rss;
import com.sun.cnpi.rss.parser.RssParser;
import com.sun.cnpi.rss.parser.RssParserFactory;
import java.net.URL;
import java.util.Collection;
import java.util.Iterator;

import java.util.Vector;

public class RSSParserTest {
private Vector titleVector = new Vector();
private Vector linkVector = new Vector();
private Vector descVector = new Vector();

public void readRSSDocument(String url) throws Exception{
RssParser parser = RssParserFactory.createDefault();
Rss rss = parser.parse(new URL(url));
//Get all XML elements in the feed
Collection items = rss.getChannel().getItems();
if(items != null && !items.isEmpty())
//Iterate over our main elements. Should have one for each article
int limit =0;
for(Iterator i = items.iterator(); i.hasNext() && limit<5;System.out.println())
Item item = (Item)i.next();
System.out.println("Title: " + item.getTitle());
System.out.println("Link: " + item.getLink());
System.out.println("Description: " + item.getDescription());
//Iterate over categories if we are provided with any
Collection categories = rss.getChannel().getCategories();
if(categories != null && !categories.isEmpty())
Category cat;
for(Iterator i = categories.iterator();
System.out.println("Category Domain: " + cat.getDomain()))
cat = (Category)i.next();
System.out.println("Category: " + cat);

public static void main(String args[])
RSSParserTest rsstest = new RSSParserTest();
rsstest.readRSSDocument(".....rss link....");
}catch(Exception ex){ex.printStackTrace();}

public Vector getTitleVector() {
return titleVector;

public void setTitleVector(Vector titleVector) {
this.titleVector = titleVector;

public Vector getLinkVector() {
return linkVector;

public void setLinkVector(Vector linkVector) {
this.linkVector = linkVector;

public Vector getDescVector() {
return descVector;

public void setDescVector(Vector descVector) {
this.descVector = descVector;
// }

How do I get this to work and display in a html file?