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    Default Java homework please

    I am really stranded on this homework. I have no idea what to do. Can you guys start me off with details. Thannks

    -All students take 3 exams
    -Students over 70, get 15 points added to one test
    -Get the 3 scores and the age of the student
    -Output their average, and when they are old, print a "*wink*" do let them know they got the curve.

    This ish the program and i really don't get the If else statement
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    Start in small steps and write some small programs to solve each step. Then merge them together to the final progrm.
    1)Write a program to read in the scores and data for the students and save them in a collection of some kind.

    2)Write another program that stores some student data in a collection and then goes thru that collection and prints out the names, age, scores etc
    3)Extend that program to find the special cases and ...

    For each program spend some time thinking about/designing it before writing any code.

    As you are working on each program come back with questions.

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