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    Default Looking to create an alarm clock with specific functions

    Hi, I'm pretty new to java and I'm not sure where to start with this idea. I haven't done anything involving graphics or gui. I have never made an applet, and I'm not sure I want to use an applet for this program. So, I'd just like to be pointed in the right direction.

    Problem: I am terrible at waking up in the morning, and need an alarm clock that will make sure I am awake. I have hit snooze for 2 hours before, so I need something that won't let me do that. My idea (which was stolen from somewhere on the internet) is a clock that will make me do a couple of simple math problems or tasks before it will shut off. The original creator made a physical clock to do this. I would like to make a program and change some of the functionality to suit my needs.

    -Alarm can be set to playlist (I don't like to be jolted out of sleep and I respond better to gradual wakening anyway)
    -If playlist ends, play loud, blaring alarm (This could just be the last song of the playlist and have it loop infinitely if it is the end of the playlist)
    -The problems or tasks will be somewhat randomly selected and generated so I don't memorize how to turn off the alarm (You'd be surprised what I can do in my sleep)
    -Nice looking clock (first I need to learn how to do anything graphical)
    -Ability to set multiple alarms and save this to some kind of config file
    -Ability to edit config from gui, not manually changing config file

    Sounds pretty complicated to me, might be a long project :)

    I've already hidden my speakers under my desk so it would be hard for me to unplug them.

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    Break the project up into small parts and do one at a time.
    Then merge the mastered techniques into your program.

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    Build your basic program first, then implement it into a GUI afterwards.

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