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    Default Cannot create J2EE JBOSS project in Eclipse


    I 've installed JBoss 4.2.2.GA from via eclipse software update, and have JDK 1.5 and eclipse 3.3.2 installed.

    I've been looking at the JBOSS tutorial found here:
    h t t p://

    My problem starts at page 4, when i try to Create a new J2EE Project.
    According to the tutorial, i should have the following option:
    Select File > New >Project >JBoss-IDE > J2EE Projects >J2EE 1.4 Project.

    However, i don't have "JBoss-IDE" as an option. All i have is "JBOSS jBPM" and "JBoss Tools Web".

    From looking at the JBOSS info it looks like the replaced the JBOSS IDE plugin with the JBOSS AS Tool plugin. But this tutorial was never updated. Do I have to setup something in eclipse? What am I missing? Please help!


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    And this is beginners Java in what way?

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    Default What???!!!

    Becuase I have never coded in Java before only C++. I am also new to eclipse. I am trying to go through the JBOSS tutorial to learn how to create a simple (BEGINNERS) java J2EE application. So yes I would consider this new to java at least new to J2EE.

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