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    Default inherited from the Component class

    hi all,

    i have attached a txt file with my code inside. It is a fairly basic program so I do not think the answer will be too complex, the code works fine it is the very last part discussed below??

    right at the end i need to call repaint() which is part of the Picture Plotter class, the code i have at the the mo to do this is plotdarryl.repaint(); which does not work, i have since read the instructions and realised that "it is Not part of PicturePlotter; but inherited from the Component class via Container and JComponent classes"

    so i need to change plotdarryl.repaint(); to something different, but not sure what, any ideas anyone????
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    Default,30) : error J0019: Expected identifier
    I get the above error compiling your code.

    plotdarryl.repaint(); is outside of a method.
    Move it inside of some method's {}

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