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    Default Trouble with Dr Java.

    I am having some difficulties with opening up dr java files outside of dr java
    itself. For example, if I click on open in dr java, i can open up my files but
    if I go into Windows, and hit start on the bottom left, and click on the "dave"
    folder above where it says documents (I use vista btw) and I try to open
    up a java file from there, no go. I get a Windows can't open up this file
    message. So I can't open up dr java files without opening them up under
    the pull down "file" menu in dr java itself.

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    What file extension does a dr java file have?
    In older versions of windows (I don't know about Vista) you are able to associate a commandline to be executed when a file is "openned" by DC. Normally this is done by the product when the product is installed.
    Also you are able to add items to the RC context menu for a file extension.

    In Windows Explorer: Tools|Folder Options|FileTypes - will give you a window to the file association table where you can add or change commandlines.

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