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    Default performance is degraded in 1.6

    JNLP ClassLoader performance degraded in 1.6 significantly. We have measured the performance in comparison to former JRE versions, which shows a significant performance problem

    JAR Type Java PlugIn Appletload-time
    OriginalSize(13.7MB) 1.5.0_05 17:00
    OriginalSize(13.7MB) 1.6.0_03 25:00
    OriginalSize(13.7MB) 1.6.0_07 25:00
    OriginalSize(13.7MB) 1.6.0_10 24:00

    Please give a suggestion that how to improve performance of the application.

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    Cross-posting can frustrate anyone who tries to help you only to find out later that the same answer was given hours ago in a cross-posted thread. No one likes wasting their time, especially a volunteer. The polite thing to do would be to provide links in both cross-posts to each other.

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