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    Question Need help with Java clock

    i am making a clock that is based on the TIX Clock.


    i have got the code from a freely available source and dont know the first thing about java. :confused:

    at the moment it generates a random colour for each section of blocks (representing a number) i want to change it so it will use set colour's for each section.

    i have changed some of the things that were obvious like the background color and removed the seconds.

    the js file is here: wifipod.webs(dot)com/TIXClock.js

    P.s. sorry for the (dot)'s but i need help and i cant post links until 20th post (this is my first)

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    Are you sure that you are referring to Java and not to JavaScript? You know of course that they are two completely different beasts, and that this is a Java forum, not a JavaScript forum.

    If it is in fact JavaScript you are interested in, there are many many fora available for it including at the Just do a Google search.

    Either way, good luck.

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