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Thread: very basic code

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    Default very basic code

    Hi im a complete beginner and seem to be falling at the first hurdle here :(
    I am using BlueJ and working with the picture project that the BlueJ book came with.

    1. Add a second sun to the picture. To do this, pay attention to the field definitions close
    to the top of the class. You will find this code:

    private Square wall;
    private Square window;
    private Triangle roof;
    private Circle sun;
    so i added another field -
    private Circle sun;

    Then im being asked to write the appropriate code for creating the second sun, but i cant seem to find any existing code creating the first sun :confused: my attempt at answering is -

    This is in another class named Circle
    Java Code:
         * Create a new circle at default position with default color.
        public Circle()
            diameter = 30;
            xPosition = 20;
            yPosition = 60;
            color = "blue";
            isVisible = false;
     * create second sun?
     *(my input)
    public Circle sun2()
        diameter = 30;
        xPosition = 40;
        yPosition = 80;
        color = "yellow";
        isVisible = false;
    but i know this is wrong.. can someone point me in the right direction?

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    Do you know how to create new objects? Do you know how the constructor works? Do you know how those two things are connected?

    If the answer is no, you should go back and re-read those chapters, before attempting to write programs you don't understand how they work.

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