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    Default Data Sorting in a .data file using java

    I have a .data file (called that has around 100,000 values listed in it. I would like to be able to use some form of filereader programme in java that does 3 things with the data:

    1. It ignores all values above a certain value, the value is 40,000;
    2. Out of the values below 40,000 the programme should group them into 10 different groups (i.e. <2k, <4k,...., <20k);
    3. It displays the data after the filtering and categorising.

    I am quite new to java so my knowledge is not the best but it would be great if someone could help me out. Don't fancy using Excel for this, far too many values.

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    Default The way this works...

    The way the forum works is that you provide your code/program and ask a specific question about a problem that you have with that code. As for reading a file from Java, there is tons of info on this forum and the internet. This is the first google that I found:



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    Design and build your program in small steps.
    First, write a program to read and display the values of the file.
    next add logic to separate the values into the separate groups of values.
    Now figure out how to store the values for displaying.
    Finally display the values for each group.

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