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    Unhappy Creating an Iterator for Linked List

    I'm trying to make an iterator for a class I'm making and I need to define a next() and hasNext() method. I understand what each one does but I don't understand how to define those two methods without implementing Iterator. The whole point is to make our own.
    Anything would help

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    Iterator is an interface and you must implement it. That is the whole point of interfaces. They define what methods you MUST have in the class you write so that users of that class will know what methods can be used to get the job done. What goes in the methods is up to you.

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    As Norm states, but start with simple array in the class as a place to start. Work towards seeing how we traverse the array, leave sorting for later. That will build to you assignment. Putting elements in 1,2,3,4,5... arrangement is useless distraction until one can traverse the elements. Java Collections has numerous pre-built examples but try to figure do one yourself first.
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    +1 on last post....try out with it in instance level and maintain a location identifier so that u can move forward....

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