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    Default Java "Encryption"

    I've just started learning to use java through a computer science class at my college. Basically what I am trying to do is get from a 5 letter word entered by a user to turn all the letters of that word into it's ascii codes. I'm just looking for some hints as to which codes I should use cause I don't understand what they all do yet. I'm allowed to use sources to help me get the commands or whatever they're called so for those of you who think I'm cheating... I'm not. I just can't understand those Java API sites since I'm new to it and all.

    import java.util.Scanner;

    public class SimpleEncryption {

    public static void main(String [] args) {

    String s;
    Scanner input = new Scanner(;
    int a,b,c,d,e; //for ascii code storage

    System.out.println("Enter your five character secret message: ");

    s =;

    a = ??;
    b = ??;
    c = ??;
    d = ??;
    e = ??;

    System.out.print("Your word in ASCII codes: ");



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    google java string to ascii, i'm sure you will find numerous code examples

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    turn all the letters of that word into it's ascii codes
    Can you give an example of what an ascii code is for a letter?

    Hint: a char can be treated as/converted to an int.
    int aVar = 'a'; // assign char value to an int

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