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    Default Canvas Image popups another image (SWT)

    I am having trouble creating a simple shell that as an image in a canvas. This canvas is set to like 250,250 in size. When you only double click on the canvas, another shell pops up (with the same image) in the max size of of image. If the image is bigger than the screen resolution then add vertical and/or horizontal scroll to that window. And for the images to properly dispose.

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    What is the trouble you are having? Can you post your code?

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    Makes such a image in a canvas shouldn't be hard if you take step-by-step approach.

    I see the following features:
    1. Scrolling-bars-free page with a big image;
    2. Hotspots with popups;
    3. Sliding menu;
    4. Mini-map;
    5. Scrolling with mouse wheel;
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