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    Default sorting Dates with TableSorter

    I have made a sorter and a table using

    Java Code:
    model =new DefaultTableModel();
    sorter = new TableSorter(model);
    table = new JTable(sorter);
    And i have 6 columns with the following types

    Integer, String, String, String (representing a Date), String (representing a Date), double

    And the problem is, since i used SimpleDateFormat to format my dates into dd/MM/yyyy they are of type String in the table. I want to know how i can write a comparator that sorts the dates correctly, and also how to implement it with available from

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    Writing a comparator shouldn't be too dificult; you have to parse the string and do some Calendar/Date math.
    I would leave the Date types in the TableModel (and let java do the math), set a custom renderer on the two Date columns and use your SimpleDateFormat to format the Date values in the renderer.

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