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    Hello all, I am a complete newb to java and was wondering which books you like the best for learning basic concepts. Also my friend found some "what you should know" type lists on the internet, and thought the following would help a lot:

    1. Know how to define a variable of any primitive type.
    2. Know how to assign a variable a value.
    3. Know how to convert a string to an int or a double.
    4. Know how to define a Scanner associated with the standard input device.
    5. Know how to display a message or the value of some variable.
    6. Know how to use a Scanner to read an int or a double or a string from the keyboard.
    7. Know how to input data from the command-line.
    8. Know how to combine numbers with the operators *, +, /, -, %.

    I was wondering if anyone could provide maybe one example to each or multiple topics listed. I hope to learn this correctly and effectively! Thank you all for reading this and anyone who decides to help get me on the right foot.

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    Any good text book should answer your questions. If you can Go to a good bookstore and look thru the choices to find one that suits you.

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    Hi dkizzy, welcome to our community. :)

    Not only that what Norm says, the same question we have discuss in our forums hundreds of times. So if you search the forum you can find a lot, with lots of comments on different books.

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