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    Default Calculate sum of long integer!


    Im new to java and just started to learn but have a little problem. What I want to know is how I can get a long integer from the user and then caculate the sum of the separate numbers? I thinking I would use som sort of array and then calculate from there. The thing is Im use to ada programminglanguage so I understand the problem but dont really know how to tackle the problem in java.

    So if someone could help I would be grateful!


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    int n = longInteger;
    String s = String.valueOf(n);
    Use methods in the String class to get each digit to parse with Integer parseInt method.

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    If you are reading from the user, its already a String. No need to make it an Integer that you are not going to use.

    With the string, you can just use a for loop to iterate through each character

    Java Code:
    long sum = 0;
    for (int i=0; i < arg.length(); i++) {
       String  c = arg.substring(i,i);
       sum += Integer.valueOf(c);
    This may not work, I typed it into the forum, not a compiler, but it should get you going. Debug on your own, its part of learning

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