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    Default Converting to ASCII and vice-versa

    Hi guys,

    It has been a while since I logged on. Anyway, I wanted to a ask a simple question (I just forgot how to do it).

    When writing a string or a word or anything. How can I program java to convert the into ASCII and vice-versa.


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    Default let string class do it.

    basically, we let the java engine do that.

    there are several file writers that do the conversion, and as well there are likely library calls that get into this but I gave up on it totally when I found what is called Unihan - I just went to doing new Integer( byte + bias ) to get supposedly unsigned byte operations and decided to let character conversion routines stay in the slayer hands of a 007 movie I saw a few nights ago.

    In that movie, a maniacal media mogul goes throught a somewhat repetitive world domino council or somehting that cannot be fathomed by anyone.

    Kept reminding me of Unihan and associated conversion issues.....

    If people think I am Mad Dog 20-20, I have nothing on Unihan. Absolutely nothing.
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    Ya I know the engine do that, but the problem is. I want to see it :P .. I remember something.. but its too vague so I don't really remeber it. I kinda blocked it out. I kinda wanna write a String and want it to get converted to ASCII and I want to see it's output. I just don't remember how to use the String that way.

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