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    Default New to Java - totally lost as to what to download

    OK, so I think I understand this much: for 'regular' application programming Java SE I need to install. If however I need to write applications that will run on a server (I will be making an application that will run on the server and will communicate directly with the databases on the server but the requests will generate from PHP) from what I see I need to install Java EE.

    Now if the above description is how things are then when I go and download Java EE I am taken to this list of downloads: Java EE, Java EE + JDK, and Java EE + Tools.

    What is what? Which do I install? I used to do Java programming in Java about 5 years ago when I was in college but never any serious programming and I am just now picking it up again for work projects.

    I figured posting something here would be a safe bet.

    Thanks a ton.

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    Simply you want to download web and J2EE. No need to worry about JDK. Web means an application server which you need to test the application. Additionally you need a IDE to work out. I recommended NetBeans to use.

    Here is the download link.

    Go the download page and download the 'Web and Java EE' installation package.

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