Hello !

i've got web service which receives an attachment from .NET service as DIME , adds this attachment to it's own response and sends back to client which accepts only MIME attachments.
When client receives attachment some data seems to be lost, if original file size were 356 000 bytes , client receives only 208 000 bytes.

would be glad to hear any solutions how to solve this! ^^,

Thanks in advance !

code looks something like that :

MyWebService service = new MyWebServiceLocator();

MyWebServiceSoap port = service.getenotarMyWebServiceSoap(new URL(serviceurl)); // .NET setvice url

org.apache.axis.client.Stub stub = (Stub) port;
stub.setTimeout(1000 * 60);
stub._setProperty(AxisEngine.PROP_DOMULTIREFS, new Boolean("false"));

DocumentInfo dinf = port.downloadDocument(dokument_id); // gets document from .NET service

Object[] attachments = stub.getAttachments();

MessageContext.getCurrentContext().getResponseMess age().getAttachmentsImpl().setSendType(Attachments .SEND_TYPE_MIME);

AttachmentPart ap = (AttachmentPart)attachments[0]; // always returns only 1 attachment .
MessageContext.getCurrentContext().getResponseMess age().addAttachmentPart(ap);

catch (AxisFault e){
throw e;