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    Default Array of different data types?

    Hello Everybody,

    I want to store some data in an array as below

    arr[0][0]="12,1", 5
    arr[0][1]="12,2", 7

    like above....

    where "12,1", " 12,2" are strings, and 5,7 are integers.....

    is it possible, i.e. is there any feature available in java by default to do that?

    Else, i will have to convert 5,7 to strings and store and once when i want them as integers, i will have to convert again.

    pl give me any suggestions......

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    Best answer: don't do this. Sure you could try to use an array of Object and store String and Integer objects, but you'll end up with an ungodly mess that will be hard to debug and impossible to maintain.

    Much better is to create a class that holds a String and an int and then have a one dimensional array that holds objects of this class (or perhaps better still, have an ArrayList that holds these objects).
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