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    Default initialising a webcam?


    I just wondered how i could display the video feed captured from a local webcam and display it on the screen?

    Any information would be great. i read about using the Java media framework (JMF) but not sure where abouts to start.



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    I don't have direct answers for you. But I can give some steps what you have to take. So it can be easy to move with your application.

    As the first step you should try to find all connected device(web cams) to the PC. I remember that there is a class CaptureDeviceManager in the JMF framework. I'm not remember, but there should be a method to collect all devices, may be in a direct way or not.

    The try to find default video and audio device of the connected device. Basically video and audio device.

    After finding the default devices for video and audio, try to get data source from there.

    Then try to merge those two streams together and display back.

    To display try to attach a video player into a form. But in that case you have to find a video player which can work on any platform.

    Hope this is helpful to you. Just start work on it. I like to help you, because this is quite strange project for me. :)

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