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    Default svn and configuration files

    Hi all,

    Pretty new to Java. I have a question about configuration files and svn.

    I checked out code from my company's svn repository. I find that I don't like the that's in trunk; it doesn't give enough information. I wrote my own, but I don't really know how to use it.

    Clearly I can't overwrite what's in the repository.

    I tried renaming my hacked file to myLog4j.conf, and in Eclipse's Run | Arguments | VM Arguments, I used:


    but unfortunately, log4j doesn't seem to find it (I get that "please properly initialize the lo4j system" message that it prints when there's no properties file.

    Even though this doesn't seem to work, is this the right approach to using local conf files that come from a company's svn?

    If so, any ideas why log4j can't find my hacked file? I put the hacked file in the same directory (~project/trunk/conf) that the original file was in, so it was definitely in the classpath.


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    I believe it is not related to a SVN issue. It just that the log4j doesn't find the configuration file. Have you tried for instance using a full path to your myLog4j.conf for the log4j.configuration.

    The easies way I can think of is by putting the configuration file in the output path, in the root folder of your compiled java classes. Have you tried this?

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