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    Default How 2d Pixel Arrary Is Stored In .txt/.dat File

    HELLO EVERY BODY...............

    I want to store the 2D int[][] samples array corresponding to an image in a “.txt/.dat” this 2d array will be converted to a 1 dimensional array.I could not do this because I do not know the 2d array dimension.Is it possible to show this 2d array in in Jframe or any visual window. Acctually I want to see later the calculated value of histogram.
    My code is….it is error free

    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.image.*;
    import java.util.*;
    import javax.imageio.*;

    class Image {
    protected int width,height;
    // 'samples' stores the image pixel values.
    protected int[][] samples;
    // Constructor: Reads the image from the
    // specified file name.
    public Image(String filename)
    throws Exception { read(filename); }
    // Returns the pixel width of the image.
    public int getWidth() { return width; }
    // Returns the pixel height of the image.
    public int getHeight() { return height; }
    // Reads the image from the specified file
    // name into the 'samples' array. Throws an
    // exception if the image is stored in an
    // unsupported file format (currently only
    // .GIF, .JPG, and .PNG are supported by Sun).
    public void read(String filename)
    throws Exception {
    // Extract the file name suffix.
    String ext = filename.substring
    // Create a file object for the file name.
    File fileImage = new File(filename);
    // Get a list of ImageReaders that claim
    // to be able to decode this image file
    // based on the file name suffix.
    Iterator imageReaders = ImageIO.
    ImageReader imageReader;
    // Grab the first ImageReader in the list.
    if (imageReaders.hasNext())
    imageReader = (ImageReader);
    // If we get here we cannot decode the image.

    // Draws the image stored in the 'samples'
    // array on the specified graphics context.
    public void draw(Graphics gc,int x,int y){
    BufferedImage bufImage =
    // Converts the 'samples' array into a
    // BufferedImage object. Students do not have
    // to understand how this works.
    private BufferedImage
    createBufferedImage() {
    // Create a monochrome BufferedImage object.
    BufferedImage bufImage = new
    // Create a WriteableRaster object so we can
    // put sample data into the BufferedImage
    // object's raster.
    WritableRaster wRaster =
    // Copy the 'samples' data into the
    // BufferedImage object's raster.
    for (int row = 0; row < height; row++)
    for (int col = 0; col < width; col++)
    // Return the newly created BufferedImage.
    return bufImage;
    } // End of Class Image

    Main program
    import java.awt.*;
    import javax.imageio.*;
    class TestImage {
    public static void main(String args[])
    throws Exception {
    // Create a frame to display the image.
    Frame frame = new Frame("Test Image");
    Graphics gc = frame.getGraphics();
    try {
    // Read the image from the file.
    Image img = new Image("Horse.jpg");
    // Display the image.
    // Flip the image upside down
    // Display the flipped image.
    // Write the new image to a file
    } catch (Exception e) {
    ("Exception in main() "+e.toString());

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    There is no direct way to convert 2D array into one dimensional array. But it's possible to define a logic your self to do it. But you have a problem there, don't know about the dimensions in the array. But, how did you use an array(as you explain an int type simple array) for this without knowing the size(in the word dimension you mean size?) . Did you define it in a larger size?

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