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    Smile Syntax for choice box(combo box)

    How do u declare and initialize choice boxes??

    Is it like

    String[] TypeItems = {"Regular", "Diet"};

    Choice cboType = new Choice(TypeItems);


    String[] TypeItems = {"Regular", "Diet"};

    cboType = new Choice(TypeItems);

    the latter gave a compiler error saying that <identifier> is expected

    Thank You in advance

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    Use a Search to find code samples.
    If you get errors, copy and paste the full text of the message, don't edit it.

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    Java Code:
    String[] TypeItems = {"Regular", "Diet"};
    Choice cboType = new Choice(TypeItems);
    This would work for okay a JComboBox. Choice is an AWT component. According to its api it has a single, no–argument constructor and an add(String item) method.

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