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    Default remote file access problem

    hello duddies;

    I am trying to write/read to file which resides in another computer.
    i have tried this code:
    URL url = new URL("http","","D:\\jes-1.6.1\\user.conf");
    URLConnection URLC = url.openConnection();
    InputStream filein = URLC.getInputStream();

    but the third line raised an exception. how can i resolve this problem.

    or can u send me another simple code to access the remote file.(a text file actually).(it is in drive D: folder= project file name=trial.txt).

    thanks in advance

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    Does the server you are communicating with allow you to access any file anywhere on its computer? There might be restrictions.

    What exception do you get? Post the full text of the message.

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    Try to Use this class it can help you to access the remote system

    Socket(String host, int port) This for Client System
    ServerSocket(int port) This for Server system

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