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    Default Question about java generics

    Hello, here is the code that's throwing the compile error:

    Java Code:
    List<Document<TextType>> doclist = ......
    DocumentRegistry registry = new DocumentRegistry(doclist);

    Java Code:
    public DocumentRegistry(List<Document<?>> documents) {

    Java Code:
     cannot find symbol
    symbol  : constructor DocumentRegistry(java.util.List<org.myproj.Document<org.myproj.doctypes.TextType>>)
    if I change the constructor to
    public DocumentRegistry(List<Document<TextType>> documents)
    it works, but I want to pass in any document object. I thought the wildcard ? would include TextType;
    FYI, Document class is a wrapper class.
    and the DocumentRegistry extends HashMap for some reason if I remove "extends HashMap" it works! Why is that??

    Any help would be appreciated thanks!
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    Java Code:
    public DocumentRegistry(List<Document<?>> documents)
    This suggests that I could pass anything, eg, Point, to your Document and it would be okay.
    How about if you specified an extension of TextType or a superclass of TextType?
    Java Code:
    public DocumentRegistry(List<Document<? extends TextType>> documents)
    // or
    public DocumentRegistry(List<Document<? extends SuperClassOfTextType>> documents)

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