Hi friens,

I am using RAD as my IDE. I have many workspaces. Suddenly in all the workspaces, the server is not starting properly. The console message says
Runtime error: org.omg.CORBA.INTERNAL: CREATE_LISTENER_FAILED_4 at boot serverContainer.

Using netstat -an command, I found that 2809 is LISTENING.

I opened the config folder in the RAD install root and went inside cell and then node. And edited the 'serverindex.xml' file BOOTSTRAP_ADDRESS from 2809 to some other. Still the same error is happening.

I think BOOTSTRAP_ADDRESS gives problem. If I need to change that port number which port number I can use instead of 2809. Or how I can stop the application running on that port.

Please revert back if you know the solution.
I am wasting my time for a long.. bcos of this error...