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Thread: Scjp 5.0

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    Smile Scjp 5.0

    Want to knw wat is hibernet in java and JSS 2 secondly i m gonna appear for SCJP 5.0 but have a query do i really need 2 have knowledge of pseudo coding and yeah have no hands on training in java, Still can i appear for 1 if yes wat material i shud refer which shud b free and where can i get the blues of SCJP.

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    Default Hello the programmers

    I am currently an undergraduate student and I'm new to Java. I wished to develop my self with a better knowledge of Java programming and I hope the forum will help me achieve my goals.

    Thanks a lot


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    I am a SCJP-certified professional, going a step ahead with SPRING and Hibernate.
    Looking forward not only to learn from here, but also being an active member to give some valuable contributution towards the same.

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