I am new to java and have been facing few issues after the day Lisht Savings.Let me describe the problem.
In my application which is in Websphere 6.0 ,I have configured few daemons stating that it should run automatiacally when the server time is 12:00 but after the DST changes happened presntly this is happening only after an hour.I am unable to find the root cause of the issue.
The anaysis that I have made is
In the application server when I type the command date, it displays as shown below
Fri Mar 25 16:45:20 CDT 2008
In my java code which invokes this daemon process, when Itry to print the value of dtCurr in the below code
java.util.Date dtCurr = new java.util.Date();
it displays
Fri Mar 25 15:44:52 CST 2008

This piece of code was working fine before the DST changes happened.
How will I find a solution to it.
Is this a problem with the JVM that is being used in my application server?
Why is the DST not getting reflecting in my JVM?