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    Default stopping thread...using flags

    I have a Gui in which I have animation placed in the thread (Runner). I want the thread to stop when the user pushes the stop button (in a different panel than the animation. Originally I had set up a flag variable in the thread to make it stop until I realized that I would have to create checks for the variable and the animation would continue playing until it reached one of the check points. Is there a way/ another option to make the thread stop quickly. Thank you for any help you offer!

    Below is my current code:

    Java Code:
    class Runner extends Thread   {
    	public SimulationPanel sp;
    	public volatile boolean isRun;
    	public void run() {
    	while (!isRun){
    		System.out.println("is Run is " + isRun); 
    		Boolean isVisible = true; 
    		for(int i = 0; i<10; i++){
    			if (isVisible ==true) {
    		isVisible = false;
    			}else if (isVisible == false){
    		isVisible = true; 
    		if(isRun) return; 
    	public void stopThread() { 
    		System.out.println("stopThread method executing properly");
    		isRun = true; 
    And the Action Listener for the stop button:

    Java Code:
    else if (command.equals ("stop")) {
    			new Timer(true).schedule(new TimerTask() {
    			      public void run() {
    			        System.out.println("Requesting stop");
    			      }, 5);

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    I don't think so, but others may have a better answer.
    To stop a thread, exit its run() method. To do it quickly would require testing your flag often.

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