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    Default Need help with homework.

    I started summer session two weeks ago.... the Java class is 3 days a week, 4 hours a day.

    When the instructor talks, I hear the words but it goes in one ear and out the other. Im having difficulties in class, and I do not want to drop. Instead, I want to learn in this class, and understand the Java language.

    I just need help coming up with a program with this situation. I do not know exactly where to start.


    Time for the Olympic Results

    You are to design a Java program that will ask for input from the user and will display the Medal results from a 100 meter dash final event. There are 5 people running in the last heat of the race. You need to ask for 3 facts for each of the 5 entrants: the runners name, their country code and their race time in seconds.

    The logic of your program should determine the first(Gold), second(Silver) and third(Bronze) place of the fastest 3 and then display their information in the following format.

    Runner: Time: Country: Medal:

    Justin Gaitlin 9.85 usa Gold

    Fracis Obikwelu 9.86 por Silver

    Maurice Green 9.87 usa Bronze

    You may use any of the Input/Output methods we have discussed in class as long as the format of the output format is like what appears above between the lines.


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    Ok, just start with the first step pal. Simply define a class and think a way from where you start. First step is get data about users. Do you know how to do it? Any attempt you have done so far?

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    Look at some existing code examples here on this Forum. Use Search for things that would be in a program, like: main(String[]

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